29 November 2007

The Pump House

At my family's farm we have a pump house. My grandfather decided to put down rat poison due to the big population of mice living in the insulation. When we opened the door to the pump house we were surprised to find this snake dead in the middle of the room. Our best guess is that it ate one of the poisoned mice and died in the house. After weeks of no one going into the room and the lack of access for major predators, the snake skeleton and most of the skin remain intact.

Also in the death zone we found two mice. The one below is interesting because the head is gone and the vertebrae are left exposed but the tail and feet and hind region still remiain with intact with hair.

We did manage to find a few living things in the pump house, one of which was this green anole going through a bit of a shed. Lizards usually pull their dead skin off with their mouth. I've watched an anole pull all his skin off over the course of 20 minutes and properly eat it. This guy was just letting it all hang around him.

Lady beetles were also finding refuge in the pump house. The corners of the room were just crawling with these little delightful insects.

Here's Andy giving our snake find a round of approval.

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