31 August 2007


Baby animals are supposed to be plentiful in the spring but I guess when you live in South Florida it's always springtime. Over the past week there has been an abundance of young animals born at Green Cay. I stumbled over my first baby of the week early Monday morning. This young gecko was hanging out right in the middle of the hallway. Our nature center has many resident geckos and this one looks like it was born recently. If anyone knows how to identify young geckos, please advise.

Geckos aren't the only ones having babies around here. The birds are still having plenty of young outside. Just when I thought our Common Moorhen population couldn't get any larger, more young were born this week. These nestlings are over a week old but they are still hanging out in the nest.

And of course, a post on baby animals wouldn't be complete without the latest Black-bellied Whistling Duck picture. We have two clutches of young but the numbers are dwindling. We started out with a clutch of 8 and one of 11. Now we have a clutch of 5 and a clutch of 7. I'll be happy as long as a few of them make it. Black-bellied Whistling Ducks usually nest farther north but they seem quite happy at Green Cay for the moment.

Oh, I almost forgot! The latest rumor is that we have Limpkin babies at the park as well. Though I have noticed an influx of adults, I still haven't seen the young. Yesterday I saw 6 adults in less than half a mile. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll have baby Limpkin pictures soon!

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